Day 222 Types of Travelers

Types of Travelers

Types of Travelers

Today is day 222 of my #yow and I finally made it to Slovenia. Just spent the afternoon walking around Ljubljana, which is a nice city. The old town with the river and everything had a quaint feel to it, especially in the evening. The castle was cool. Not as impressive as other castles I’d seen, but still, cool nonetheless.

All the walking in silent solitude led me to think and when I think, I think about random things. With that said, I thought I’d write about some of the different types of travelers I’ve encountered along the way.

Types of Travelers: The Weekeners (a.k.a the Vacationers)

Bio: They have a four-week vacation. Or they’re just bored of their hometown and need to escape for the weekend. So they hop on a plane and head out. These people don’t have time to explore the smaller cities or town around a country. They need to just hit the big cities and famous sites because time is of the essence. Sometimes they’re alone, most of the time they’re with their buddies who are up for a trip with them. You can usually recognize them as they’re always the first to sign up for a pub crawl.

Commonly found around: Groups of buddies. Large suitcases that make it seems like they’re traveling longer than they really are.

Types of Travelers: The Spiritualist

Bio: They’re all into that eat-pray-love idea. They’re traveling to spread the good karma. They’re often found doing yoga and talking about existential ideas, something along the line of being one with their zen or being one with nature. The Spiritualists tend to gravitate toward one another thus you are very likely to find them in groups, sitting around a candle or a circle, with a guitar not far away.

Commonly found around: Yoga mats. Tea with all kind of jazzy names attached to them. Talking in a very slow but deep tone as if they’re the voice of God themselves. Beanies.

Types of Travelers: The Lost Soul

Bio: The Lost Souls are lost in life. They don’t know what to do with it. So they travel, hoping that their traveling can help guide them to some sort of meaning in their life. Every action is done with the hope of finding the meaning of life. Usually, they had just quit their job which they were quite unhappy with. Or that they felt that their career had reached a dead end so they don’t know what to do for the future. Or that they don’t want to continue on with graduate school. Or school in general.

Commonly found around: Books. Laptops. Crowds of people.

Types of Travelers: The Sexcapist

Bio: The Sexcapist, a.k.a, the Old White Man (OWN), have their habitat mainly in Southeast Asia. You can recognize them immediately in the street as they’re walking down the street with their arm around a girl that’s half their age and half their size. They travel for one reason and one reason only, to make use of a country’s sex industry, contributing to the modern slave trade. Back home, they’re probably good husbands, but for one or two weeks per year, they escape to SEA to satisfy a certain yellow fever that they cannot get at home.

Commonly found around: Large beer gut. White t-shirt with cargo shorts. A sunburn. A small Asian girl.

Types of Travelers: The Dude-bro

Bio: Dude-bros are also pretty instantly recognizable. Shirt one size too small, lots of facial hair, and sunglasses, even when it’s raining, cuz that’s what dude-bros do. They’re traveling because they’re out to show the world how hard they’ve been hitting the gym. They can chug back a beer in ten seconds and take those shots like it’s nothing. You’ll probably find them at a bar the entire day, cuz hey, what’s better than being a dude bro and drinking? Being a dude bro and drinking in a foreign country.

Commonly found around: Sunglasses. Unkempt beard. Tank-tops. Board shorts. Arms bigger than their neck.

Types of Travelers: The Culturalist

Bio: The Culturalists are all about getting to know the local culture when they’re traveling. Hotels and hostels won’t be able to hold them. They’re more likely to be found staying in homestays so that they can get to know the local people and really all that grittiness. They’ll try to learn as many expressions in the local language as possible, only to mostly forget by the time their plane touches down back home, but who cares. Culturalists will always be the first to complain about the modern travelers, about how people who travel just to party or travel only the major sites without getting to know the local culture are just the worst type of travelers. Indeed, if a Culturalist’s nose can go any higher, it might be taller than Mt. Everest.

Commonly found around: Lonely planet books. Or Rough Guides book. Language books. Some sort of glasses.

Types of Travelers: The Homer

Bio: No, not the cartoon character silly. Homers travel, but you might not notice it because they pretty much stay in the hostel the entire time they’re in the city. The only time they leave the hostel is to get food or to go to the next city and their life revolves around the hostel they’re staying at. Homers are people who basically do the same thing they’d do back at home, and so has no real reason to travel, except for the fact that…well, actually, yeah, don’t know why they’re traveling. Homers also tend to gravitate toward people from their home country as well, which makes their decision to spend money to travel…all the more perplexing. But hey, there’s no right way right?

Commonly found around: Other homers, smoking, wearing too large button shirts.

Types of Travelers: The Stoner

Bio: Not much to write about here. Stoners travel for one reason and one reason only, to make good use of the local drug cache. You can almost group stoners with homers as most of the time, stoners are too high on whatever drug they’re on to really leave their hostels as well. But at least stoners deal with the local. Or at least the local expat. You can instantly recognize a stoner by their speech, which is all about that slowness.

Commonly found around: Burnt blunts, suspicious looking shakes, other stoners, having something with Bob Marley on it. Dreadlocks. Lost

Types of Travelers: The Shirker

Bio: Shirkers are those that are traveling because they want to run away from responsibility. They’re similar to the Lost Soul, but unlike the Lost Soul, the Shirkers are just traveling because the idea of a salary job or being in a position of responsibility doesn’t entice them. But of course, the irony is that Shirkers tend to not have a lot of money. So most of the time, you will find them working in bars and hostels around the world. You might also find them picking fruits or just working odd jobs. They want to try to travel for as long as possible, but given the lack of funds, they tend to go hungry on certain evenings. Ask a shirker on why they’re traveling, and they will most likely not know, but just tell you that they had to get out and get away.

Commonly found around: Other shirkers. It’s like a support system. Musical instruments. Bars.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy the list. I wrote this tongue-in-cheek so try not to take it too seriously. But, did I miss anything? And if you’re curious which one I am, well, keep being curious! HA



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