How to cook Mexican food


Carne asada fries copyright: Wikipedia

Carne asada fries copyright: Wikipedia


I love love Mexican food.  Growing up in San Diego, I was only exposed to Mexican food once I got to college, but man, was it better late than never. How many 2am carne asada fries run did I do with friends?  How many times did it save my life from starvation during studying?  at my university (UCSD), we even had this thing called a carne asada fries run.  Which is frigging delicious.

Btw, if you’re wondering what carne asada fries is, it’s that picture you saw when click on this link.  It’s a bed of fries at the bottom, chopped beef on top of that, mix with melted cheese, then guacamole and sour cream, then topped off with Mexican chili sauce.  Yeah, it’s probably not true Mexico Mexican food, but I don’t care, it’s amazingly makes you so full fantastic.

While I was studying in Barcelona, I came up with the idea of following how people cook their traditional food, and then editing it, and posting it online so that others can follow along with the recipe and cook it for themselves.  Alas, my very first video that I made was, you guessed it, how to cook mexican food.

How does one cook Mexican food?

You know, it’s not even that hard.  As to that, I’ve attached my youtube video below.  Leave your comments down below in the box.  Share this with your friends, family, dog, whatever.  More people need to learn the awesome sauce that is Mexican food.  Now..if only someone can combine Mexican with my other favorite food, Vietnamese food.  Nom Nom nom.  Anyways, the video below will teach you how to cook Mexican food.  Now, not all of it of course, but at least some dish.  Enjoy, and if you do happen to follow along, post a picture of your creation.  Would love to see it!


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