How To Date a Guy That Travels

How to date a guy that travels

How to date a guy that travels

If you’re reading this, then I must not have scared you with my last post about not dating a boy who travels. That means you have a glutton for punishment.  I can’t say I’m not disappointed.  Why would you want to put yourself through all that travels (I mean, troubles)?  It’s not worth it!  I’m telling you!  Run away.  Run far away.  Don’t date a boy who travels.  Go sing some Frozen covers or visit the Philippines or some crap.

Nope.  You’re still here.  Fine.  Since you’re here, I might as well make use of your time.  Hey, what do you call a key in the shape of a monk? A monkey…get it?  get it?  Blah.  Whatever.  Time to tell you how to date a guy that travels.  See that  I write a guy that travels instead of a boy. Because don’t bother your time with a boy.  At least a guy has the potential for maturity.

So, how does one date a guy that travel? Acknowledge that you hold no influence in his life decision.  Imagine he is a surfer, and you are just the next wave.  You can try to knock him down, or he can ride you for as long as he can, but know that at any moment, he can stop the ride and catch the next one.  Understand this and realize it as soon as possible.  You will save yourself the disappointment when you find him catching the next wave behind you.

But, that doesn’…shush little bunny.  Again, how does one date a guy that travels?  Know that he is a free person, and has been a free person for as long as he had traveled.  If you try to push yourself onto him, and hold him down, he’ll likely get very horny and probably pounce on you.  Of course I meant that literally.  But if we’re referring to figurative sense, then he will run away from you faster than the roadrunner.  Let him be free, and don’t try to tie him to a string that you think you can draw in whenever you want/need him.

But I really want to date a guy that travels…Remember that before you, he has met many people of all ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural background.  Literally, to him, you are not unique at all.   He has met many of your kind before, and will probably do so in the future…

Hmm, wait, interesting.  It seems as though I’ve made the guy who travels to turn out to be a unapologetic asshole.  Well, that’s not good.  Let me see if I can try again.

If you want to date a guy that travels, always be willing to give him his space.  He has lived a life of independence and that means he has mostly been relying on himself.  Thus, he doesn’t need anyone’s help.  Because of that, you will find at time he’s hard to get through, because he tries to do everything himself and leaves no room for you to try and help him.  It’s okay.  Let it be.  If you’re dating, and if he truly needs your help, then he will ask for it.  Sure, it’s fine for you to ask, but don’t be all like a girl and get angry at him for no reason.  He probably wouldn’t like it, and he definitely doesn’t need it.

If you want to date a guy that travels, it’s actually not trust that’s the most important thing.  I mean, come on, it’s obvious trust should be there.  Hell, trust should be there whether your dude travels or not.  No, the most important thing is the ability to make him feel at home.  He’s in a state of wanderlust.  He can’t remain in a place for long.  And yet somehow he’s choosing to stick with you, just you.  So there must be something about you that’s keeping his manhood in one hole right? It’s your ability to make him feel at home.  Whether it is the way you smell (hopefully good…and not…eh, whatever, no one’s judging), the way you speak, the way you cook, the way you shove that banana so far deep in… whatever it is, something about you reminds him of home, and that makes you a-okay!

If you want to date a guy that travels, don’t bore him with senseless talk.  Actually, nevermind, do do it.  While you might believe that he’ll be bored with what you say, perhaps whatever it is you say, and how you say, is what initially attracts him to you in the first place.  Remember, guys who travels have no patience for girlshit.  Wait, do girls even shit?  I thought only guys do that? I can’t imagine even girls farting! Well, maybe that’s how roses are born.  In any case, as I was saying, they ain’t got no patience for that yo!  So if they’re still with you after that initial meet and greet, then keep doing what you’re doing.

If you want to date a guy that travels, never be more than anything but yourself.  This is actually, and should be, very obvious, but for some reason, most girls seem to forget this.  Never try to be more than something you’re not.  Guys who travels can see through the fakery quite well.  They’ve met all people of all walks of life.  They’ve probably seen people at their worst and at their best.  All they appreciate is genuineness. Be genuine.  Probably helps to have a sense of humor.  Actually, yeah, have a sense of humor.  It just makes you a better person in general.

If you want to date a guy that travels, leave the piss poor drama at home.  Hmm, I think this should apply to all walks of life no?  But yes.  He knows life is short, so the fastest way to get him to stay away is to try to introduce random booty ass drama into his life.  It ain’t fun.  So don’t do it.

If you want to date a guy that travels, seriously, honestly, don’t.  I think I’ve said that many time.  Unless you’re traveling with him, then it’s cool, or at least 19 degrees celsius in the fall (autumn?) cool.  That’s err, 66 degrees F for my American people.  But if you’re not, and you still haven’t heed any of my advices up til now, then I guess you’re really dead serious about this.  If that’s the case, and may Zeus bless your soul if you do, and maybe Odin too, and Thor (Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray)
), then I have one final advice for you if you want to date a guy that travels:  Be conceited.  Remember, it ain’t all about him.  It’s about you too.  So if you don’t feel like he’s making you worth your time, then he ain’t worth your time.

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