How to Play Life Drinking Game

For those of you who’ve met me in my travels, or who just knows me, you would know of a little drinking game that I call Life. And in this entry, I’m going to show you all on how to play Life drinking game.

Before I begin, for those of you who have suffered (enjoyed) through this game with me, you have my heartfelt apology and whatever the opposite of an apology is.  Congratulation?  Many of you have had some very rowdy night thank to this game.  It is world famous, and I intend to continue to spread this game throughout the globe.  However, I would like to thank my mates back in Washington D.C. for originally coming up with this game (I’ve modified it a little since).  Russell and Rob.  This is for you.

Okay, so let’s learn how to play Life.

First, you need friends.  Or strangers.  Or whatever.  Life is a 3+ people game, meaning you’ll need at least 3 people to play this.  The maximum is 7.

How to Play Life

How to Play Life: Need People

Next, you need a deck of cards.

How to Play Life

How to Play Life: Needs Cards

Finally, some alcohol.  Choose whatever kind of alcohol you want.  But remember, Life involves a lot of drinking, so pick one that you can see yourself drinking a lot.  And also remember, beer before liquor makes you sicker. (PSA from myself).

How to Play Life

How to Play Life: Most important is alcohol

Okay, good.  You got some peers.  Some cards. And some drinks in your hand(s?)  plural? singular? something? Anyway, now, you need someone to be the dealer.  The dealer is the person who knows all the rules of this game and can explain it to others.  So, since you’re reading this, you’re gonna be the dealer (and be prepared for everyone to give you their drinks, because for some reason they always like that to do.  YES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  KEEP GIVING ME THOSE DAMN DRINKS. I”M GONNA GET BACK AT YOU! AND YOU! AND ESPECIALLY YOU!).


So, the game goes clockwise.  You go around in circle asking everyone the same question.  Once everyone has answered the first question (including yourself), then you start over and ask the second question, and so on and so on, until the 4th question.  What are the questions?

How to Play Life

How to Play Life

1)  Red or black.  When the person say a color, flip over a card (remember the deck should be faced down).  If they get it right, they can point at someone playing, and tell that person to drink, and that person has to drink 1 gulp (don’t cheat.  Because remember, if you’re cheating, you’re only cheating yourself).  If they get it wrong, they have to drink.

2) Higher or lower.  The person now has to guess the next card to be higher or lower than the card they got from #1.  (Ace is high by the way). Again, right they tell someone to drink, wrong they drink.

3) In between or outside. So, now that the person has 2 cards, they have to guess if the 3rd card is between the values of #1 and #2, or outside.  By the way, if the card being flipped over is the same as any of the previous card, it’s an automatic lose.  Again, right they give, and wrong they drink.

4) Finally, you ask for the person to pick a suit.  Spade.  Hearts.  Diamonds.  Clubs (Clovers).  1 in 4 chances.

Part 2

Now, deal out 1 face down card to everyone at the table.  So now everyone playing should have 5 cards.  Next, you build a pyramid with the cards faced down.  4 cards at the bottom (row #1),  3 on top of that (row #2) .  2 on top of that (row #3), . and 1 at the very top (row #4).  Each row represents a number of drinks.  Row 1 = 1 drinks.  Row 2 = 2 drinks.  Row 3 = 4 drinks.  Row 4 = 8 drinks.  Every upper row is double the number of drinks from the row below it.

How to Play Life

How to Play Life

Okay dealer.  Now, explain to everyone the following:

“Everyone now must take a look at their cards and memorize what cards they have.  Don’t have to memorize the suit, just the values.  Once you have memorize your cards, put them in an order so that you can recall it later, and put all cards face down on the table, and you can’t look at it ever again.”

By now, everyone should have their 5 cards lying face down, with your pyramid of cards also lying face down.  Again, explain this:

“This 2nd part is like playing bullshit.  I’m going to flip over each cards in the pyramid (starting with row 1), one at a time.  If you have that same card value in your hand, you can tell someone to drink.  The thing is, you don’t have to have it. You can lie.   When someone tells you to drink, you can either drink, or call bullshit.  If you drink, the other person don’t have to show one of  their cards.  However, if you call bullshit, the other person has to show one of their cards.  If they show the right card, you have to drink double the row value.  If they do not show the right card, they have to drink double the row value.  (If someone calls you bullshit, you have to show a card).  If you have multiple of the same cards, you can give it to multiple people.  Remember, you can only call bullshit if the drink has been given to you. (FYI, you’re not sharing drinks here, when I say give, I mean tell the other person to drink their own drink.  Just hoping that’s clear).

When someone is called bullshit on, and after they show their card, take that one card, put it below the deck, and give them a new one on top, and tell them they can look at it.

And so, the game proceeds like that.  If no one wants to give out drinks for the card, flip over the next card on that row.  Once all cards are flipped on that row, move onto the row on top of that and continue on.  Do this until the last card is flipped over (and hopefully someone is very drunk)

Part 3

Finally, this last part is easy.  Everyone has to say what cards they have before they flip over the card lying face down.  They have to drink the difference between what they say and what card value it is.  For example, if they say an 8, and they flip over a 3, they have to drink 5 gulps. This adds up through the 5 cards.

And that’s it!  That’s how you play Life.  It’s really easy once you get the hang of it and start playing.  It gets you drunk very fast, and by the 2nd time you play through it, every strangers will be buddy buddy and everyone would be having the time of their life.  So I hope you enjoyed this.  Credit this back to here.  This is how you play Life.  And remember, if you’re cheating…?

P.s. Usually, on the 2nd go around, during part 1, I increase the number of drinks that has to be drank or given out (so higher or lower = 2 drinks, inside or outside = 3 drinks, and suits = 4 drinks.  Also, the above pyramid has a base of 4 cards.  You can make it to a base of 5 cards, which mean the top card = 16 drinks, and if someone calls bullshit, then 32 drinks can be the highest.  Fun times..heh…heh…*evil laugh*.

How to Play Life

How to Play Life

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