An Ode to Those Who Travels

An Ode to Those Who Travels

An Ode to Those Who Travels

For my fellow SOWers (State Of Wanderlusters. Yeah cheesy I know, but be a mouse and deal with it) out there, below you will find my ode to those who travels. Enjoy!


State of Wanderlust

A blue and green marble hanged in a black sea of glowing fireflies

Twin humming wings carried their passengers aloft in the cerulean heaven

Cresting waves and shadows danced with ethan as the pyre dies

Memories and dreams of verdant forests evaporated with the daytime heaving.

A spotlight too bright in the morning

and too right in the evening

gave birth to zephyrs

that carried rhythms of harmony which made us deafer.

Rainbow lights of sights and sound left us in a maze

Life recorded became life uploaded

Hellos and goodbyes kept us in a daze.

But give us our tickets, give us our backpacks

Through black and green mosquitos of wings and chings,

with hermes on our feet and nothing blocking our tracks

We run with the orange wind and rickety yellow bus

Forever we are and forever we’ll be

in this state of wanderlust.

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