The Endlust War Chapter 3: Destruction

Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.

Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.

Another day, and another chapter is released.  I hope you guys are enjoying reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.  Let it capture your imagination!  Without further ado, I give to you The Endlust War Chapter 3, titled Destruction.

The Endlust War

Chapter 3: Destruction

HELP ME!  That was probably what the mouse was saying as Blubber shot a small green blob at the mammal.  My green companion had become quite complicated since I found it two years ago.  Had it already been that long?  I couldn’t believe how fast time was passing.  That meant it had been three years since Starfall.  The green blob had already killed the mouse by the time I shook out of my remembrance.  Like always, Blub left no corpse.  It had grown into the size of a small cat since I’d found it on the beach.  I always wondered where the corpses went.  Maybe the way it digested was similar to how certain plants would digest bugs that fell into its body. Liquefied.  But then it did it so fast.

“How was it?  Did you like it?”  I spoke to the emerald-color goo.  It nodded its head.  That was something that still surprised me, even though it had been months since the discovery.  Blubber was…gaining intelligence.  It could understand me when I talked to it.  How, I could not surmise.  I wasn’t going to bring it to one of the startists, a name for the scientists studying the Starfall event and the creatures it brought, either.  Blubber had not really shown any sense of intelligence.  Not until I brought it to my current home in Washington D.C.  But even then, it was only after I…

“Was that it?” I asked out loud.  “You only started changing when I accidentally dropped my blood on you.”  There was only one way to find out.  I went to the kitchen and took a knife.  A quick prick of my finger resulted in blood slowly coming out.  I pushed on the wound and dropped a few drops of blood on Blubber.  And then I waited.  Nothing happened.

“Well, that was worth a shot.  You wanna check out the monument?”  I said out loud as I went to grab a jacket.  In the midst of my shuffling to get ready to go out, I thought I heard a noise coming from the glass aquarium.  I dismissed it back then as just nothing.  If only I had not done what I did back then.  It was only in later years that I discovered that the first time I had dropped blood onto Blubber, it was almost enough in transferring my DNA materials into the creature.  The second time enabled the helix to bond with Blub’s own DNA and complete the structure.  That one little act.  The knife point to my finger.  You could argue that little simple act was the same as pricking humanity’s own heart…

Her name was Katherine, a gorgeous, hazel eyed, brunette with hair that was quite shiny, reaching down to her rather endowed breast.  That was the reason I had to go to the monument.  It was a blind date set up by one of my friends.  To be honest, I only went because I had heard that she was the daughter of a scientist that was a part of a new government division created to investigate the new creatures that appeared on Earth after Starfall.  That and because I liked big boobs.  A foolish notion, but that was when I was still a man.

We were sitting next to a landmark called the Washington Monument on a beautiful spring day.  The green grass smelled refreshing in the afternoon sun.  The cherry blossoms were out again, littering the landscape in a large swath of bright pink and white cherry flowers.  It was a beautiful sight.  The lochan had migrated elsewhere a few months back. In front of us, a larian had landed and was just rolling on its back.  It was one of the new aliens that came with Starfall.  The closest resemblance to an Earth creature would be if a beagle was given four sets of wings with brilliant colors like a peacock’s tail, along with a curved, short, orange nose that was more of a beak than anything else.  The wings were about three feet long, but those colors…I could not stop looking at them.  They were of a circular gradient, with colors of red, light blue, and dark green, with swatches of purple interjected in random pattern.  The interesting thing was that it had two feet and two arms.  The strange thing was that while it could fly, when it was on the ground, it behaved like a cat that could walk on two legs, and was over two feet in height.  Did I mention that its body was covered in fur that had patterns like a tiger?

“Do you think it’s dangerous?”  Katie asked me. She had told me earlier that she liked going by that name while penetrating my soul with those hazel eyes of her.  The flashes of yellow and light brown, with a few flecks of green beneath.  Could the same thing that gave her such a brilliant eye color do the same for the larian’s wings?  If so, did it mean that humans were related to such creatures?  The thought was interesting.

“Probably not.  I mean, look, another is landing.”  A different larian, this one with jet black fur, landed next to the first one, and was almost playfully poking the first one with one of its four, short and stout fingers.  Blubber poked its head out of the pocket of my dress shirt.  It was gaining curiosity.

“They’re almost kind of cute aren’t they?” she said with a hint of admiration, “I wonder if I can get one as a pet.”

“Or they would consider you to be their pet,” I smiled at her.  The way her face brightened up told me that she had fallen for my smile.  Sometimes I had a hard time believing it was that easy.

She leant her head on my shoulder, “My dad was saying that they have found over almost two thousand of the new species.  That’s crazy right?  The weirdest thing is, that regardless of how many times the different governments were killing them, they would pop right back, killing the livestock and eating the crops.”

“That means that the aliens are breeding faster than we can kill them,” I said while caressing her hair with my hand.  It really was such fine hair.

“It was a good thing the United Nations passed that one law right?  I don’t think we should kill them.  I mean, they’re aliens! That’s so crazy! Even after all these years I’m still processing the fact that we now have definitive proof that we’re not alone in the universe,” she said gleefully.

“Yeah.  It’s cool seeing all the religious folks spazzing out and trying to come up with excuses as to how their god created these creatures too.  I heard of a Middle Eastern country where they passed a law that made it punishable by death for anyone to speak of the Starfall aliens.”

“What about that one creature that has taken up residence over Macchu Picchu?  They sent jets and helicopters at it, but it destroyed them all.  I think after trying for over what, three months now, they’re finally giving up and just cordoning the area off,” she said.  That was news to me.  For an animal to withstand against modern firepower… I could imagine the big wigs in the government shatting in their pants at that notion.

“Katie? Did you hear from your dad on whether these new creatures are intelligent or not?  Like, if they have patterns of living or if they can even reach the level of intelligence shown by chimps and dolphins?”

“My dad doesn’t really speak much about his work to me, besides that one time he slipped on the number count. Said something about classified,” she shrugged. “I did overhear a telephone conversation once.  He was saying how there were some creatures that were responding to human sounds, and some were even seen using tools.”

“Huh. Your hair smells nice,” I complimented her.  She lifted her head and looked at me straight in the eyes.  Oh how I got lost within them.  Oh how I would love to see them crying and dying.  And then she kissed me…


700 years after Starfall

 I COULD FEEL HER ALL OVER ME. “Ciek tyok jpuqqj noyu,” I whispered into her ear as I penetrated her with my manhood.  She softly moaned, her green and blue double-wings shivering in ecstasy while her hair sparkled with golden luminance. I had slept with Angels before, but this was a young one.  Most Angels could live up to half a millennium, and as they aged, their face would look more like a crescent.  This one’s face was more circular, which meant she was most likely a hundred years old.  An adolescent in their mind.

One of the hardest things about sleeping with an Angel was the fact that you had three holes to pick from.  Normally, female Angels would have three at a time, but this one I paid all for myself.  No one could ever explain why their holes could accommodate a human male’s penis, and yet, it is impossible for a human female to sleep with a male Angel.  They were an interesting race.  The females held all the power and the males were reserved to just breeding and fighting wars.  Their power structure reminded me of ants, where a singular queen ruled over a colony, and separate queens operate independent of one another.  At one point in their history, they had a single powerful matriarch that ruled over all the other queens, but they saw how inefficient it was, and switched to their current system.  The Angels like to be efficient with their time.  I came with all the pleasure and pain that is associated with a male orgasm.

She leant against my chest with a satisfied sigh.  I could hear her cooing beneath her layers of razor sharp teeth.  Interestingly enough, receiving a blowjob from an Angel was quite possibly the greatest feeling a man could feel.  I was too lazy to ask for one at the moment.

With an audible groan, I pushed her off of me and said, “vuh ieh,” while throwing my moneycard at her.

She quickly charged me and dressed, “yvyon nudh fuur?”

I ignored her and grabbed a nearby liquor bottle. Finely filtered vodka from Earth.  Vintage too.  I poured myself a shot as she flipped me off and left the house.  Funny.  Even the Angels picked up some human mannerisms.

A loud buzz came from the door. “O jyox fuck iww!” I screamed.

“Commander, your Angelic is horrible.”  It was a female voice.  The door opened, letting in bright blue sunlight from outside.  I moved to the edge of my bed and raised my hand to shield my eyes from the light.

“Who are you?” I asked, dizzied from the explosion of satisfaction of manhood and intoxication of alcohol.  I did not exactly say it like that though.  It was more of an err than an are.

The lady slowly walked around my bedroom slash living room slash pig pen and began picking things up and dropping them down.  I could imagine she was doing it with a disgusted look on her face.  I didn’t care.  Murderers tend to not care about the judgment of others.

“My name is Rachel Gideon. Lieutenant Gideon to you.  I have been sent to retrieve you,” her youthful voice pierced the room.  It was a commanding voice.  A voice of power.  I could tell she wasn’t going to remain just an errand lieutenant for long.

“What do you want with me Lieutenant Gideon?  Depending on how you respond, I might have to kill you.” I half said, half growled at her.

“Is that a threat coming from the Deathsmith of Orion?  I’m shivering in my boots,” she replied.  She was in black heels.  She stepped between the light and my bed, covering me in her shadows.

“Did you know that Earth was destroyed?”

“Since when is Earth ever NOT destroyed?” I said sarcastically.

“Not cities-razed destroyed commander.  It’s gone.  Well, technically, it’s still there, but now it’s just an asteroid field.  Along with the moon as well.” Was that a hint of pain in her voice?  Her family must have been living on Earth.

The silence afterward was deafening.  I buried my head into my hands and squished back my still sweaty black hair.  “What happened? I thought they were going to spare the Earth even after what I did?”

“They did, but one of the Angel queens accidentally activated the MORE.  It shot straight through the moon and right through Earth. There were no survivors.”

“Even the orbital rings?”

Her silence answered my question.  It had been a hundred years since my trial, and many more than that since my sins were committed.  I had thought that by escaping to a backwater world I would be able to just die in peace, if I was even capable of death..

“I’m assuming no one believed it was an accident?” I asked her, standing up and grabbing a nearby drink.  It shattered in a vibrant explosion of glass and liquid.  I turned to look at the soldier, and she was already putting away her gun.  This one was fast as well.

“I believe it was an accident, but unfortunately, no one else does.”

“So then the Endlust War remains endless…” I half stumbled half dragged myself across my room to grab a red looking fruit from the nearby table.  Luckily she didn’t shoot it.

“The Senators, Preceptors, and Pillars are a mess.  But in that mess, they have formally declared war on the Order, as the Angel queen was under Order command.  They’re calling it the Vengeance Oath.  All the colonies have agreed to it.  I have been sent to bring you in.”  She was standing next to him with an envelope in her hand.  Envelopes weren’t used for much anymore, except for one thing…

“You’re re-enlisting me?”  I laughed as I tossed away my half-eaten fruit.

“You’ve been demoted from Admiral to Commander.  You will also have no one under your command except for your ship and former crew.  They have already been assembled and are waiting for you in the spacedock.  The higher ups believe that your appearance will give the people the morale they need. They need a butcher, and they are looking for one in you,” she said, expressionless, toneless.  This woman hates me.

“If I hadn’t…at Orion, the blockade would not have existed and Earth…”

“Pointless Commander.  You cannot change the past.  But your leaders are calling on you again.  They apparently value your opinion when it comes to this war.”

“And what do you think?” I asked her, staring directly into her eyes.  Dark brown.  Similar to her caramel colored skin.

“I think you should have been shot into the sun when you were found guilty.  You are an artifact.  How you have lived this long comes at no benefits to humanity. ” The way she said it made me laugh internally.  An artifact.

“Wait.  Gideon, I think I’ve heard of your name before.  You were the one that wrote that article about having a backup plan.  A backup storage of humans, hidden from everyone, just in case the Order decides humanity is no longer needed in its plan.”

“That is correct. I’m surprised you know of it.” She turned to walk away.

“If I’m Commander, you should be addressing me as your superior.”

“You haven’t signed the contract yet.  You are nothing more than a drunkard and a murderer right now to me.” I could tell she really wanted to point that gun at me.  I wondered if it really would be able to kill me.  Better to just cut off my head. I sighed.  There was no stopping this war.  She was right.  My being alive had no benefits for humanity.  How could humanity have declared war on the Order?  Were we so prideful that we believed we could take on the entire galaxy?  I sighed.  There was no going back.  Humanity needed a deathsmith, and I was it.  Why can’t the galaxy stop killing one another?  Orion.  Now Earth.  The cycle continued.  I put my hand on the envelope.  The color went from red to green.

Lieutenant Gideon stopped at the door, turned around and saluted me. “Welcome back…sir!”

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