Top 5 Cheap Travel Countries 2018

Welcome to the my post on the top 5 cheap travel countries 2018. And hello to my dear fans (all 2 of you) and a happy new year to all of you! 2017 passed by in a flash didn’t it? I know, I know, what happened to all the blog posts that were supposed to happen in 2017? I started off so well…

Well, let’s not delve on the past. As Kylo Ren said, let the past die. So, no excuses here. I dropped the ball in 2017 (heh). So that’s why, I’m gonna make it my 2018 commitment to write more blog posts! Why commitment and not resolution? Because resolution is just something you hope to do, whereas commitment is something you will do. Plus, it sounds stronger.

But let’s get into the meat of this blog post. The top 5 cheap travel countries 2018. You spent all your money this past Christmas, and now you’re looking for countries that you can travel to that won’t kill your budget. No worries, I got you fam. For this post, it’ll be a quick form. Sort of like, a cliff-note version. I’ll post a secondary follow-up post later this week that’ll have more meat and details in it. For now, here’s the top 5 cheap travel countries 2018 in no particular order.

Top 5 Cheap Travel Countries 2018: Georgia.

horses on green rolling hills and snowcapped mountains Ushguli Georgia

A mother horse and her fawn gently grazing on the rolling green hills of Ushguli, Georgia against the glacier-covered mountains.

Georgia the country, not the state. Amazing mountainscape. Birth place of wine. Cheap and ridiculously good wine. Very hospitable people, although most older folks can’t speak English that well, but it’s still easy enough to travel just speaking English. 12,000 cultural and historical sites. Haven for hikers who love long treks through crisscrossing mountains and forests in the summer and for skiers/snowboarders in the winter. Great food. Low on the travel radar. Get here before the rest of the world discovers Georgia. Best time to go: Any, but summer/fall is especially good.

Average daily spending when I was there (including transportation):: 17.68 USD

Top 5 Cheap Travel Countries 2018: Philippines

A yellow and orange sunset against an ocean backdrop in Boracay, Philippines

A dazzling display of colors during a beautiful sunset in Boracay, Philippines

If you’re a lover of beach life, there’s no better country in the world than the Philippines, except Indonesia. The Philippines has 17,000 islands, so there’s definitely one that’ll fit your needs. Friendly, English speaking people everywhere. Smiles and sunshine are abundant. Siargao is great for surfers. Don’t come here expecting good food. It’s not. Only good food is the fresh seafood.  Amazing landscape, from jungles to volcanoes, to white sand beach. Still relatively low on the travel radar, but getting popular year over year. Get here before things start to get more polluted than they already have. Best time to go: December – April

P.s. Find all my blog posts on the Philippines here.

Average daily spending when I was there (including transportation): 21.25 USD

Top 5 Cheap Travel Countries 2018: Vietnam

An unused railroad tracks in between homes in Hanoi, Vietnam

An unused railroad tracks in between homes in Hanoi, Vietnam

Food. Beaches. Caves. Jungles. Temples. Islands. Vietnam has it all. The 2nd hottest economy in Asia, Vietnam continues to refine its tourism industry as it looks to overtake Thailand as THE southeast Asian country to visit. And why not? It has everything! Ancient temples and palaces for the cultural nerd. Ridiculous amount of good food for the gastronomy seekers. Dramatic karst formations on land and on water for the instagramers. Thousands of kilometers of beaches for the sand and water addicts. A very popular Southeast Asia destination. It’s not undiscovered anymore, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive. Best time to go: November – March.

P.S. Here’s my time in Vietnam.

Top 5 Cheap Travel Countries 2018: Ukraine

colorful old town buildings from the sky in Lviv, Ukraine

A birds eye view of old town Lviv, Ukraine

Don’t let the war in the east scare you, it only affects a very small part of the country. The rest of Ukraine is still very much safe to visit, and could use your tourist money. Thanks to the crash in the Ukranian currency, prices are cheap! $1 beers, $3 cocktails, and $10 steak. People are friendly and love to practice their English. While everything is written in Cyrillic, there are enough English speakers and signs around to ensure you don’t get lost. Lots of mountains to hike around, but might be difficult unless you speak Ukrainian or Russian. Not so English friendly outside large cities. Lots of cultural and religious sites. Give yourself 3 days to see Kiev. Used to be a popular tourist destination but not anymore. But tourism is slowly picking up, so come check out Ukraine while it’s still on the low down. Best time to go: May – September.

Average daily spending when I was there (including transportation): 21.85 USD

Top 5 Cheap Travel Countries 2018: Taiwan

Temple on a forest-covered hill in Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

A temple sits in the jungle inside Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

Did this surprise you? It shouldn’t. Taiwan’s amazing. Friendly people, amazing food at ridiculous price. Taroko Gorge should not be missed. Don’t think this is China-lite. It’s not. It’s China-better. Clean cities, efficient public transit, English-signs at popular tourist destinations. Ridiculously tasty street food at night markets. Interesting night life (open bar FTW). Very diverse landscapes between the mountains, jungles, and coastal areas. It’s odd that Taiwan is not the top of people’s list when the discussion is on travel in Asia, but it should be on yours. Definitely come visit. Be a trendsetter in travels. Best time to go: December – April

Average daily spending when I was there (including transportation): 18.15 USD

And that’s it for the short form version! Hope you like my list of Top 5 Cheap Travel Countries 2018. Stay tune for the longer form post! Feel free to share with your friends!

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