Top Essentials for Traveling

Top essentials for traveling

Top essentials for traveling

Packing. It’s one of the most frustrating and annoying thing a traveler must do before their trip. You’ve been there. You know what I’m talking about. First, you’ve gotta think about how long you’re traveling (1 week? 5 months?). Second, you have to determine what environment you’ll be traveling through (city walking/partying? mountain hiking?).  One of the worst scenarios for packing is flying into a cold country to spend a few days and then flying to the tropics a few days later. You’re like, okay, heavy jackets, gloves, swimsuits, and flip-flops (some of you are nodding your head right now. I feel your pain and am fist bumping the monitor with you right now).  Finally, the third thing you gotta consider is how much to bring. This part is actually pretty easy. It doesn’t matter how small or big your backpack or luggage is. You’re going to fill it up to the brim with stuff, some of it you won’t even really need.

Regardless of how you answer the three questions above, there are certain items that are just top essentials for traveling.  Below I’ll give you a list of essentials for traveling that I think every person, male or female, needs to have when they’re traveling because it will just make their journey a lot more pleasant. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment box.

Top essentials for traveling #1: Deodorant. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you’re traveling. Having proper deodorant is essential. It’s common courtesy to the person sitting next to you on the bus (airplane), and pretty much everyone that’s downwind from you when you’re in public. So, do you, and the world around you, a favor and put on that deodorant. Here’s the one I use:


Top essentials for traveling #2: Floss.  Oh, didn’t expect that did you? Yes, having floss to floss is flossing important! You see, while brushing your teeth is fine and all, it sometimes does not get rid of the food that’s stuck between your teeth like white on rice. And no amount of brushing will get it out. And so, as it sits there, bacteria starts having a massive orgy between your teeth and boom, you’re breathing skunk farts. Worst thing is that most of the people you meet aren’t your closest of friends (yet!), so they’re not gonna be mean and tell you you have bad breath. So, like the good humans they are, they’ll sit there while you puff nukes of bad breath into their face (while mushroom clouds of BO come from your armpits if you didn’t follow my advice above). Thus, bring some floss and floss your teeth and do your teeth the favor. Here’s the floss I use:

Top essentials for travel #3: Self-charging flashlight. This is for those that are adventuring in places where lighting might not be optimum (camping, under-developed countries, on Mars, etc). No need to worry about batteries or whatever. Just crank the flashlight and you got yourself something that can shine your path (don’t use your cellphone. That’ll just make you look attractive to mugging at night). You never know where you would need a flashlight. Plus, it can double as a weapon if you find yourself needing something to defend yourself. I recommend this one as it also has a built in solar panel to help with the charging during daytime!

Top essentials for travel #4: Activated charcoals. This is EXTREMELY important for first time travelers to the third world. These can be the difference between having an amazing vacation on the beach and having an amazon vacation on your toilet bowl. Now, I must insist though that before you buy this talk to your doctor about it. It’s something you’re putting inside your body, so gotta make sure you’re not allergic or something. When you get the all-clear, add this to your travel pack. Not only can it help with diarrhea, it can also overcome certain types of poisoning. Read more about it here (  If this is too much for you, then just pack your standard anti-diarrhea medicine and be done with it. Here’s the one the internet recommends:

Top essentials for travel #5: Portable solar panels. This is for those long 10 hour bus ride where the sun is shining on our face and the only thing saving us from death by boredom are our electronic devices. These portable solar panels works anywhere as long as there’s sun. On your backpack. Bus window. Side of a slow-moving container ship. Plug one of this into your phone or tablet, and you’ll have enough charge to last you for that 10 hour bud ride. Cheers to technology!

And there you go. My top essentials for traveling. Everything else you need is situational. But the above 5 are crucial to having a legendary vacation. If you agree or disagree, comment in the comment box below.

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