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You knew this day would come.  You were just waiting and waiting.  But now that it’s here, you don’t know where to jump for joy, or to cry tears of happiness?  There there my young (old) wanderlust.  You have been wandering all over the word, but you have not lust yourself to the Philippines.  Well, it is now my job to convince you to.  First, look at that video above.  Isn’t it frigging gorgeous?   Now, let’s find out where to go in the Philippines for you.

So here’s how this is going to work.  I’ve been to…*counts*…8 places in the Philippines.  It’s not a lot if you think about many different areas there are, but my point is (stay with me here), I cannot write my travel tips and advice for all 8 places in one post.  Way too long.  Way too much work.  And knowing your short attention span, you will not sit here and read all of this.  So instead, I’ve decided to break this into 9 different acts.  Yes, yes, I know, it’s too many, but see, the beauty of this is that, you can just go pick whichever one series you like, or multiple. Whatever, I don’t care, cuz at the end of the day, if I can convince you to go visit the Philippines, then my job is done.  So the parts will be the following:

1. It Depends (Where and when to go depends on what you’re looking for)

2. Camiguin Island

3. Bohol Island (including Panglao Island)

4. Cebu Island (including Oslob)

5. Camotes Island

6. Puerto Princesa

7. El Nido

8. Manila

9. Boracay (Greatest Island Ever!) 

So, now that you, let’s get on with the show

Where to go in the Philippines:  Someone just please tell me!

Can I just say how much I love the Philippines? Seriously.  I love it so frigging much.  It is my top 3 countries in the world.  I know I know, I’ve only been to about…35 so far, but still, it is by far my top 3 countries in the world.  The people are the nicest people you will ever meet.  They’re so friendly and nice and courteous.  The landscape is so diverse and vibrant.  The beaches are just insanely spectacular.  And the sunsets.  Oye ve.  Look at that damn sunset I took on the front page.  Just look at it.  Here, I’ll put it in again so you can look at it.

Most amazing sunset ever. Where to go in the Philippines

Most amazing sunset ever. Where to go in the Philippines

How is that not making your mouth water? I mean.  Look at it.  JUST LOOK AT THE DAMN FRIGGING PICTURE.  My mouth is salivating already.  Ah. In case you were wondering, this was taken in Boracay.  Which I’ll get to in the end.  Hey, gotta save the best for last right?  Wow.  Sorry, I seemed to have digress again.  Okay, let’s start in the beginning again.

Where to go in the Philippines  Act 1: What do you want to do?

I always gets friends asking me for advice on the Philippines. They know I love it.  They know I’ve been to many of its fantastic locations.  However, the first thing they always ask me is:  So where should I go?

That’s like asking me, “Should I drink vodka or tequila tonight?” or, “Should I go with parmesan or swiss cheese?”  or, “Red dress or white dress?”  or “Go home with blondie or brunette?”  IT DEPENDS!  Do you want to have a bad hangover or a worse hangover? Do you want to get stomach ache or puke?  Do you want to make your butt look big or your waste look small?  Do you want a starfish or a wild bull?  *calm down.  calm down*

Okay, in seriousness, I don’t get like that dear friends, so continue to ask me.  But, my response has always been the same.  It depends.  Before you go to the Philippines, you have to ask yourself: what is it you’re looking for?  There are 7107 islands in the Philippines. Trust me, regardless of who you are, there’s bound to be an island for you.  To make things easy, I’m gonna take the above list, and categorize them for you lazy folks.

Shots shots shots shots

In that case, I recommend Boracay and Manila.  Manila is the capital city, and to be honest, besides the food, the giant shopping malls, the only thing you can really do here is party party party.  If you know a local, they’ll take you club hopping and bar hopping til 6 in the morning.  I only visited Manila once, and in a span of 8 hours, we went to…5 places?  Fun times.

Boracay, ah, hold my bleeding heart Boracay.  This island is definitely a partier’s paradise.  Bars, clubs, drinks alcohol everywhere.  Did I mention most rum and coke costs only about the equivalent of 1 USD?  And a bottle of Tanduay Rum (pretty good rum) for 750 milliliters is only the 2 USD?  Yeah.  Of course, you can say, party can happen anywhere when you’re with friends.  Sure, but these two places are so far THE prime spots for getting your shots down.  Boracay has an added bonus of BEAUTIFUL BEACh AND WATER AND EVERYTHING AH TAKE ME BACK AGAIN.  (Author’s note: I’ve been there 3 times.  So yes, I love it).

Beauty and Scenery

I’ll keep this short.  El Nido.  Camiguin.  Camotes Islands.  Bohol.

BITCHES! (I think you meant beaches…)

Boracay.  El Nido.  Camiguin.  Bohol in Panglao Island.  Boracay has the added benefit of being a party scene.  El Nido, Camiguin, and Bohol are more low key. Camotes is pretty sweet as well.


Camiguin.  (there’s like 8 volcanos here).  Cebu.


This is difficult to answer.  To answer completely, wherever you go, you will always be welcome into the Filipino culture.  But if you’re thinking of terms of historical stuff, then I would rather recommend you look online to see when the fiestas are, and come then.


El Nido has snorkeling for the fishies.  Oslob got whale sharks.  Bohol got the tarsiers.  Camiguin and Camotes for the snorkeling.  Boracay for the bat cave (Camotes as well).

Natural Wonders

Puerto Princesa got the underground river.  El Nido got all the islets and lagoons.  Camiguin got the volcanos and sunken cemeteries. Bohol got the chocolate hills.

Okay, how bout you just tell me what you recommend period

Patience young grasshopper.  This is only act 1 of the 9 act series (With a bonus act about why you should go).  I hope the above helps those of you who dont want a deep read, but just need a rough recommendations to which you can research on your own later.

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Until the next act, stay gravy.


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