Year of Wanderlust Day 206 Recapping Hungary

Sorry for not writing a lot for the last 206 days folks. It’s my fault, and there’s nothing I can say to make up for it. The only way is to go forward, as I always say. With that said, welcome to my year of wanderlust day 206.

As I sit here at my hostel in Budapest, Hungary, waiting for my train to take me to a city called Kosice, which is on the eastern edge of Slovakia, I want to recount my time in Hungary. (I will write a more detailed country-visit review in a later post, but for now I want to catch you guys up on what I’ve been doing).

In total, I visited 5 Hungarian cities in 7 days: Budapest, Szeged, Miskolc, Eger, and Veszprem. Budapest is definitely my favorite by far. It has everything one can want in a capital city. It has a cool river, beautiful architecture, amazing history, unique city-vibe and nightlife scene.

Szeged would have been fun if there was better weather. Was rainy when I was there. Miskolc I went swimming in the cave bath, Eger I climbed the castle, and Veszprem I visited Balaton Lake, which is the largest lake in Central Europe.

Last night was some cool fun though. I managed to find a bar that had karaoke upstairs! Beer was about a euro for a half liter, and karaoke was free. So what do I do when I encounter karaoke? you know damn well I sang! Too bad there’s no video recording, but it was fun singing in between all the Hungarian songs, ha!

I can see myself coming back to visit Budapest again in the future. Hell, I think I can even live here for a year or two. Just has so many things to do! and the surrounding countryside is gorgeous.

Can I say something though? Being at this hotel, a question crossed my mind. Why do people travel only to spend practically their entire day inside the hostel? I mean, whatever floats people’s boat, but still, I look around me at my hostel and there are people who have just been hanging around the entire day. It’s a gorgeous day too, and yet they’re just chilling, talking, and drinking. If you travel and not see the city, and get to know the locals, and walk around, then what’s the point of traveling? I don’t know. Maybe someone can explain it. I’ve noticed this a lot, especially in Asia, where people are just talking in the hostel. All day. Everyday.

In any case, I’m looking forward to Slovakia. I hope to see the fall foliage. Oh yeah, one last thing, Hungarian food is pretty good, I gotta admit. The food actually has flavors! Finally, no more bland European food. I hope this entry is one of many in the future as I detail out my trip. Again, apologies if you’ve wanted more.

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