Year of Wanderlust Summary

Welcome to my year of wanderlust summary page.  This is where  you can follow the locations I’m traveling to, and where I’ve been as well as any associated blog posts regarding to the locations. Below this map, you’ll see a spreadsheet where there’s a summary of the amount of money I’ve spent so far broken up into different categories. Any questions or comments, feel free to comment below.

    Cost of Journey

    A summary of the current costs of my journey in USD
     Flight TransportationGround & Sea TransportationLodgingFoodEntertainment SpendingTouristic SpendingTotal Without FlightsTotal With FlightsGrand Total Without FlightsGrand Total With Flights
    Taiwan (4 Days)99.331.74Free (Friend's place)60.1835.238.74135.89235.19135.89235.19

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