YoW Day 281 2015 In Review

Year of Wanderlust 2015 In Review

Pulpit Rock, Norway

A wise man once said, “Live everyday like it’s the first and last day of your life, for there might not be a tomorrow.” That wise man was me, of course. As you’d expect, I try to follow my own philosophy, but not for reasons you might think. My argument on living everyday like it’s the first day and last day of your life is beyond the simple reasoning that death can occur at every moment. It is based on the fundamental fact that we cannot neither predict the future nor prevent the past. With both options unavailable to us, the only thing that we can control is the current moment, the present. So then, in terms of efficiency, all effort must be made to ensure an amazing present, which would then guarantee an awesome past. For this blog post, I want to look at 2015. This past year was such a momentous year for me. So many remarkable memories were made. So many epic moments were experienced. I’d never thought I’d say it, but 2015 was definitely better than 2014. Let’s take a look at some of the milestones that occurred.

The Year of Wanderlust Began

The greatest event that happened in 2015 was probably my decision to quit my job and began my year of wanderlust. Think about it. I decided to give up a stable life with a decent income to live out of my backpack and travel around the world for a year. As of this writing, I have completed 9 months, and have only 3 months left to the journey (or maybe not…we’ll see). People must have either thought of me as either a fool or pioneer. Of course, I am not the first one to do this, nor do I expect myself to be the last. But still, in terms of personal achievements, this was a major one for myself.

To be fair, if you really count it, I have been traveling since May 2011. The last four years though had been for different causes. The first 18 months was for knowledge as I did my MBA in Barcelona (and Singapore and India. The 20 months after that was for career as I worked in South Korea during that time. But now, these last 9 months, and the next 3 months, is for personal growth. I decided to do this trip to see the world, and hopefully to understand it. To be honest, I think this was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. So far I’ve spent $12k USD, and I say it was well worth it.

Turning 30

This past year was also the year when I turned the big 3-0. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter to me that much. For one, I don’t age, so I don’t look 30 at all, so hooray for me. Also I still can’t get fat if my life depends on it, so yeah, what’s aging again? Come back to me in 10 years. Huge shout out to all the folks that made it to Boracay, Philippines for my 30th bday. Reunion in Barcelona for my 31st? Let’s do it!

Visiting 50 countries

As of this writing, I’m at my 63rd country. But 2015 was the year that I accomplished my goal of visiting 50 countries before I turn 30. It’s a good feeling you know? It means that I was able to do 47 countries (not counting Vietnam, Canada, and Mexico as I had visited these countries prior) in 4 years. Not gonna lie, that’s pretty damn impressive. Now, I’m hoping to hit 100 islands visited before I’m 35. I think I’ve broken that already, ha! Also next milestone would be 100 countries before 35. That means I got 4 years to do 37 countries. I think I can do it!

Seeing Unique Sights from Around the World

The scattered pagodas of the Bagan Plains. The orangutans of Borneo. The magnificent complex that is Ankor Wat. The 2000 year old rice terrace of Batad. The splendid fjords of Norway. The beautiful islands of Greece. The jaw-dropping Croatian coastline and her cities. The historical cities that litters the Danube River. I could go on and on, but to say that I saw many beautiful sights is an understatement. I wonder if 2016 can beat what I’ve seen in 2015. Only one way to find out!

And without droning on, these are some of the best moments of 2015 for me. I look forward to what 2016 may bring, and I know, I know. This entry is pretty much a month late, but hey, better late than never right!


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